What is IQ and IQ Test

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, IQ is an assessment score of your intelligence. The human ability to think, express things based on their age is different. IQ Test is designed to compare your abilities with others of same age group. You have to answer few questions (objective types) and result of these questions will tell you IQ. IQ is a factor that evaluate your brain thinking, this requires concentration, meditation. General IQ Tests score range between 70 – 140. Below 70 means no brain has used while test. Score between 90-110 is consider as a good score and indicate that the human has average IQ and Normal ability to think. Score greater than 120 considers as Brilliant Score with extra thinking power.

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While taking IQ Test

While taking IQ Test, you should keep remember few things that surely enhance your IQ Scores. During test, keep your self relax. Start IQ Test when you find your surroundings calm, make sure no one is there to distrub you. Obviously many factors that put negative impact on your scores. If you fail in IQ Test, that does not mean you have no brain, or you are not intelligent. Each person has something special in it that we say is God Gift. You just need to find it in you. This IQ Test is always fail to explore other talent in the humans such as Singing, Dancing, Acting etc.