IQ Test For Children is also provide separate IQ Test for children, that is only designed according to the brain of children. According to our survey IQ level of children, different age people is varies so why to analyse IQ that is common for all. This is very simple IQ test for children which is applicable to kid of age 5 years to 9 years. With the help of experts of different fields such as psychology, social, economics, medical, science we have created this special and well oriented IQ test for only children. We also clear that this test is only based on general knowledge and obvious things, no religion, ethnic, races are being involved in this IQ test.

Simple Rules of IQ Test For CHILDREN

You will have only 20 IQ Testing questions. Only one question will display on screen followed by four answer options. You have to choose one of the correct answer, then automatically next question will appear. There is no time limit for CHILDREN to answer. Child can take help of reference websites or they ask anyone for help. Our main goal of this website is to make awareness of general knowledge. By asking question to others in search of correct answer or searching right answers on internet will help children to remember.

For Serious Test Taker Children

We hope maximum of Children take this IQ test seriously to know their real level of IQ. There is no limit for the child to take test. Child can take test n number of times. Questions in the test are not same always. Children will find different questions each time. As many times children take IQ Test will enhance their IQ.

Instructions for CHILDREN testing their IQ

This is certified IQ Test for children. This test is only designed for children of age 4 years to 9 years. children of age more than 9 years can take different test that is designed for their age group. They can find in the left navigation bar of this website.

  1. Children have to answer all 20 questions.
  2. Results will be display at the end of the IQ Test.
  3. Children can leave this test any time and start again from same question if they did not close the browser.
  4. Please answer the questions logically. There would be a logical reason behind each question.
  5. Wrong answers would not effect your marks that you obtained from correct answers.
  6. These questions are copyright content, please do not share these questions on other websites.
  7. If any kid find any problem on website while taking test, please send us information on contact us page.
  8. Good Luck
World's best online IQ Test with instant results, Answer only 20 IQ logical questions and get quick, accurate IQ level without Email
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IQ Test for Children
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