Free IQ Test Online is an expert IQ Testing System, globally certified by international brain storm test makers. Its free and quick online IQ Test with instant results, that takes hardly 2 minute of yours. You can check your IQ in two steps, choose the IQ Test type and start answering few questions and get your IQ grades. Our IQ Test has not ordinary calculation meterices, Your IQ is measures from 70 to 140 Grades. But the interesting thing is in our test is, you have to answer only 20 Questions.

IQ Test with Instant Results

Click on button "Start Free IQ Test" to start the IQ test. Our IQ test is a new and different concept to test your IQ. The best thing about this IQ Test is very quick and time saving, you have to answer only 20 questions in each category of IQ Test. In this IQ Test, user's do not require to login before the test. This is very simple process of testing IQ level instantly. You can give this test multiple times as many number of times you want.

We have designed IQ Tests for different age groups such as kids, children, adults, students who will have questions according to their age groups. You know, you can share your IQ Scores with your friends on social network websites. This is not mandatory to share, if you feel you really good with your scores then you can share.

How can i improve your instant IQ level?

  • 1. Do Routine Exercise :
    Daily exercise keeps your mind fresh and in working state. Exercise is very important key point in improvement of IQ.
  • 2. Challenge Yourself :
    IQ Testing is all about challenging yourself. Try to challenge yourself in daily tasks and observe the outcome.
  • 3. Play Brain-Storming Games :
    Play Brain-storming games such as Puzzle sets, sudoku, chess. these helps you increase in IQ.
  • 4. Schedule Your Activities :
    Try to schedule your tasks and be aware of time limits. Fix the time for all activities, his strengthen your presence of mind.
  • 5. Read More & More :
    Reading is very good habit, reading more helps you to clear the things more clear and enhances your IQ on social/political topics.
  • 6. Lower Your Stress Level :
    Sometime stress becomes the reason of failure. Take long breath, be relax from start IQ Test.

  • People may not know, they are Genius

    Most of Genius people in the world, do not know their are actually genius. So you may be one of them, Our IQ Test will tell you that you are Genius or Not. Or tell you, your IQ Level.

    IQ LevelYour Points
    Genius 130+
    Very Superior Intelligence120 - 129
    Superior Intelligence 109 - 119
    Normal Intelligence90 - 109
    Dullness80 - 89
    Borderline Deficiency70 - 79
    Definite Feeble-mindednessunder 70

    IQ Test for Kids/Children is also provide separate IQ Test for kids, that is only designed according to the brain of kids. According to our survey IQ level of Kids, different age people is varies so why to analyse iq that is common for all. This is very simple IQ test for kids which is applicable to kid of age 5 years to 9 years.

    IQ Test For Students

    Good News to all students, who have visited this page of IQ Test For Students. Students are the future of parents, pride of nation. We have designed this specific IQ Test for future engineers, scientists, doctors, journalists. We recommend students to take this IQ Test to know your pace of intelligence. Students are requested to take this IQ Test serious. Students who score more than 130 are genius they just need to continue this pace. Students who score between 120 to 130 are very close to genius but we call them very superior intelligence. Superior Intelligence will be consider if they lies between 109 to 119. And rest of instant results you will on result page.